Guppi: Card Game & Board Game design:

Invention, branding & packaging design


With over 2 decades experience at the cutting edge of the board game design industry, we continue to meet client and licensor requirements to produce a high quality visual feel to ensure the maximum impact. Whether it is the next big thing to hit the shelves or a small ad tucked away in a magazine, we’ll find a way to make it stand out from the crowd.

As well as board game design, in recent years we have become extremely adept at games invention. Ranging from licensed titles with a preconceived style guide to total concept. The head-scratching doesn’t last long before ideas become sculptured into fun and original games. Combined with thorough and frank playtesting, all the little creases are ironed out, and the excitement of a totally original product is noticeably present.

Having years of experience in the toys & games industry, working with major companies throughout the world, we certainly don’t shy away from calling ourselves board game design specialists. Development not only encompasses designing and developing new products, but also redeveloping old products for relaunch in a new market.

Of course, to accompany any product you need promotion. As we are perpetually saturated by advertisements, ramming a massive logo in the face of the consumer has lost it’s effectiveness. To get yourself noticed, there’s a need to be smarter. Ranging from a visual attack on consumer attention to more subliminal thinking to spark interest through curiosity, the flare, experience and understanding is all here to create promo that promotes.

We are now going into our 10th year with still the same amount of enthusiasm that we had when we started. We are always looking for new challenges to explore and achieve so why not allow us the chance to demonstrate our skills. We look forward to being of assistance to you with your board game design, branding or invention.

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tel: 0115 964 1222 or email